Jagged Alliance.Back In Action.v 1.11 + 4 DLC

Madlab Software (Proprietary)

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action is a turn-based video game developed by Madlab Software and released on February 2012. The game is a direct remake of Jagged Alliance 2, a game released in 1999. It is part of the Jagged Alliance game series. The game revolves around controlling mercenary squads to complete specific mission. Gameplay is a combination of turn-based tactical battles, role-playing, and 4X, which stands for eXpand, eXploit, eXplore, and eXterminate.

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action is set in Arulco, a fictitious country. In this game, a ruthless dictator is controlling Arulco, and the mission of the mercenaries is to free Arulco from his hold. The game enables the player to control and manage a group of paid mercenaries. These mercenaries have individual personalities ranging from disturbed to mildly eccentric.

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action features two types of gameplay—turn-based real time mode and Plan and Go mode. The default mode is the real time mode. However, players can choose to switch to Plan and Go mode at any time the same seem applicable. In Plan and Go mode, the player can setup the actions of individual mercenaries. At a given time, these actions can be set off to start simultaneously. For example, the player can set his sniper at a location with a clear view of the target. Then, the player can set up one guy to slit the target’s throat. The player can also set the other mercenaries on the next corner. The purpose is for the sniper to shoot the target if the first guy fails to slit his throat, and if that also fails, then the other mercenaries can take care of the matter. This gameplay mode highlights the strength of the team.