JackDinn’s Auto Speed Tester 17.9

GMW Software (Freeware)

JackDinn’s Auto Speed Tester is an application that monitors the computer’s Internet speed. The program runs in the background and checks the upload and download speeds, ping times, jitters, and packet losses. Users can view results for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly tests to see if the Internet provider offers the speed the user is subscribed to. Results are saved in a CSV file and users can see a graphical view of the results. Since the program runs quietly in the background, usual computer activities are not interrupted. In addition, the program does not use up a lot of system resources.

Other features of the speed tester are the following:

• Speed tests can be sent through email regularly
• Support for hibernate and sleep control
• Monitors if processes are running before testing
• Support for single and multiple servers
• Program runs as a service

The program’s main interface is divided into two sections. The right part of the window shows the testing in graph form, while the left side of the window displays testing information. The menu bar has four components – Menu, Diagnostics, View Other Data Sets, and Help/About. Command buttons are located at the bottom of the menu bar – Run Test, Config, CSV, Display, and Netmon.