Jack of All Tribes

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Jack of All Tribes is a time management game. Players assume the role of Jack, who has travelled back in time while riding a rollercoaster in a theme park. He finds himself in a primeval island, where natives believe he is the legendary stranger who will bring peace to the islands. He then becomes the leader of the land, and his task is to help his people forage for food, defend his people from enemies, and build shelters for comfort. Jack is assisted by the chief’s daughter, Rainbow, throughout the game.

Jack of All Tribes features 39 levels, each with a specific mission. Players will need to instruct their tribe to collect resources, construct buildings and other necessary structures, and beautify their island. Players will be rewarded with items and other tributes. There are also hidden object mini games that can add to the players’ rewards and help them finish the game. There are artifacts from the future that can help Jack return to his own time.

To develop and improve the tribe, players have to gather food, wood, and earn gold. Food can come from bushes, fields, farms, and mills. Wood is gathered by cutting down trees or negotiating with a forester. To earn gold, players must collect rent, upgrade houses, and gain rewards.