JabRef 3.4

JabRef Team (Open Source)

JabRef is an application used in bibliographical database management. It was created precisely for BibTex bases and can operate on various platforms. Different bibliographic formats may also be exported and imported using the application. Java 1.5 and newer versions can support the program.  

The application can be used for locating and managing Bibtex files, online scientific database data importation, and BibteX files editing. An advance grouping feature organizes reference entries through keywords, explicitly, or through basic search terms. Direct downloads are possible from ArXiv and CiteSeer. On the other hand, Direct searches and downloads are possible from IEEEXplore and PubMed.  Import filters are provided for 15 different reference formats. A single mouse click can also open external resource links such as PS, PDF, DjVu, DOI number, and URL files types, to name a few. A cite-as-you-run function is provided for external programs such as Kile, WinEdt, Emacs, Vim, LaTeX-Editor and LyX. Generation of BibTeX keys and export filters can also be customized by users. The application can be used with plug-in systems, which enable export formatters, cite-as-you-write operations, greater generic functionality, and new export/import filters. Lastly, reference files batch conversion and procession is also allowed without the need for GUI.