iZotope Iris

iZotope, Inc. (Shareware)

iZotope Iris is an audio processing program developed by the company, iZotope, Inc. It features the developer’s trademark spectral technology for audio manipulation. Simply put, a spectrogram visualizes sound by showing its frequency content as opposed to its volume. This technology can be seen through the sampling resynthesizer for which this program is known. Once it is installed, the user can drag in a sample or two and the iZotope Iris instantly identifies the pitch and maps it across the digital keyboard. The default setting for keyscale is resampling, which means that the sample’s pitch goes up as the speed increases the same way it goes down when the speed decreases.

Another unique feature of the program is its Spectral View, which isolates segments of the sound spectrum to be played back instead of the waveform-based audio editor. Users can accomplish this by using any of the graphical editing tools available to them. The output can be sent through a filter and then subjected to any of the following effects: chorus, delay, distortion, and reverb. There are more than 500 patches done by reputable sound designers as well as an eclectic library of sound samples in the iZotope Iris. The program’s graphical user interface contains a wide array of controls, which is all explained in the manual.