iZ3D Media Player Classic

iZ3D & Gabest (Shareware)

The iZ3D Media Player Classic is video player designed specially to play 3D videos. It enables users to display 3D movies, as well as 3D images with the help of 3D stereoscopic glasses. The program converts 2D images and video files into 3D anaglyphs. It provides support for various video file formats including MPG, DVD, WMV, MIDI, 3GP, and AVI. As for image file formats, the program supports JPEG and JPG file formats.

The iZ3D Media Player Classic graphical user interface looks a lot like the Media Player Classic interface. The video seek function is located at the bottom, just above the playback function buttons including Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Previous, Next, and Fast Rewind. The volume control slider and mute button are located on the bottom right portion of the interface. The menu bar enumerates options for File, View, Play, Navigate, Favorites, and Help. The File menu provides options to choose the video‚Äôs stereo format. Stereo formats can be Monoscopic, Interlaced, Side by side, or Over/Under.  The View menu enables users to display the caption/ menu, seek bar, the playback controls, and other video information. Users can also choose to show the iZ3D Media Player Classic Playlist and Shader Editor. This program offers Shader effects including emboss, spotlight, invert, contour, letterbox, wave, sharpen, and grayscale, among others.