iWinGames Application 1

iWin Inc. (Freeware)

The iWinGames application, also called the iWin Games Manager, is a program that allows users to organize all the games that they have downloaded from iWin. The application can also be used to download more games to the computer. Users must have an iWin account in order to use the application. A free account can be created on the official website.

Upon launching the application, users can see their profile on the upper left part of the window with the number of iCoins that they have. All iWin games installed in the computer are displayed as a list on the left panel of the main window. Users can also browse through the different games available by clicking on different categories, such as hidden object, time management, puzzle, action, work, and others. On the left side of the window, there is a list of the top 15 games. Aside from game trials and full games, users can also view a list of games that are completely free. The program also comes with a search bar that can be used for searching for specific game titles.

When downloading a new game, users just have to click the game’s icon and the download button. The application will display a new window where users can see the progress of the download.