iWin Games Manager 1.1.27

iWin Inc. (Freeware)

iWin Games Manager is a download manager application created by iWin, Inc. It serves as the game central for all the games distributed by iWin, Inc. As a game central, the program stores all the games in a single location. Aside from being a download manager, the program also allows users to configure, manage, and update all the downloaded iWin games. As a download manager, iWin Games Manager provides basic download functions. It features batch-processing support allowing users to download multiple games at a time. There is also a pause function allowing users to suspend a game being downloaded and continue the download later on.

The program’s interface is intuitive. The main interface is divided into several sections. The middle section shows the available games including iWin’s latest picks, games on sale, and free games. It also displays newly released and premium games. The user may even categorize games based on game genre, the newest release, Terrie’s picks, or most popular items. After choosing a game, the program shows more information about the game such as brief description, game genre, and system requirements. If available, it also provides a link to the game’s website. When downloading a file, a status bar is displayed on top of the interface. All the downloaded files are located at the My Games section.