Ivona MiniReader 1.0.12

IVONA Software Sp. z o.o. (Freeware)

IVONA Mini Reader is an application for converting text into audio. The program is capable of reading text on websites, PDF files, email messages, and other text documents. The program appears as a small player on the window. The software can be displayed in two ways – full mode and mini mode. In full mode, all the buttons for the program are displayed, while in mini mode only the play and pause buttons are visible.

The software’s interface consists of all the controls for changing the settings of the application. The Play button starts the reading process. The default hotkey for playing is Ctrl+Shift+Space. Clicking the Play button while the application is reading the text pauses the audio. The Stop button halts the reading of the text. There are also several voices built-into the application. Users can select one of the voices from the drop-down list. Users can also add more voices to the list as long as they support SAPI 4 and 5. Other options on the main window are reading speed and volume of the audio.

Other features of the program include the following:

• Compact user interface
• A variety of voices to choose from
• Capable of reading almost any type of text