iVisit Presenter 4.0

iVisit, LLC (Freeware)

iVisit Presenter is a program that enables users to collaborate with their colleagues. With this program, users can share presentations, applications, and documents. The application can also be used for conducting a video conference. The program’s main user interface consists of all the tools that can be used. There are four categories at the top portion of the window. These are Meeting, Address Book, Sharing Tools, and Video Layout.

Users can have several tools open all at the same time, such as the chat window and video window. The program is ideal for collaborating with colleagues and discussing topics in real time. The program also has hands-free functionality, which allows users to make video calls while they are doing other computer activities, such as emailing, writing notes, and working on projects. Furthermore, iVisit users can connect with other users through their laptops, mobile phones, or their desktop computers. Users must create a free account on the website in order to use the application.

Here are the other features of the iVisit Presenter program:

• Video calls and conferences are free of charge
• Simple and intuitive user interface ideal for all types of users
• Does not clog up system resources
• Variety of settings for customization