iTwin (Shareware)

iTwin is a networking tool that provides users with the ability to set up their own virtual private networks, or VPNs. With this tool, users will be able to create a secure connection between two devices (such as a laptop and a desktop computer) over the Internet for file transfers. It is packaged in a Flash drive-like device that is split into two: one half is plugged into the user’s gateway server and the other can be plugged in to the user’s laptop or other remote desktop computer. Through this, users will be able to access their network from any location, using their own domain credentials. In addition, this tool enables users to access resources in a network such as the network storage device, the printer, and ERP applications.

One of the key functions of this tool is the “Teleport Me” feature. This allows traveling users to access websites and online services such as social media sites that have been geographically blocked. Users can make use of their personal VPN or an iTwin public server for unrestricted access to their social media sites.

This tool is easy to use and designed for users who do not have knowledge in networking, such as IP address configuration. Setting up a secure VPN takes less than a minute and does not require the use of routers. Configuring IP addresses and DNS is also not necessary.