iTunesKeys 1.65

Matt Berube (Freeware)

iTunesKeys is an application used for letting the user control iTunes through the use of keyboard hotkeys. The program rests on the system tray, so the user can control iTunes from there. This also means that the program can run in the background even if there is another window that is currently active on the screen.

Through this program, iTunes can be controlled in such a way that is not possible when it is not the active window. For example, users can do playback actions, such as playing a current track, advancing to the next track, and stopping the currently-playing audio track. The volume can also be adjusted. When accessed on the system tray, the program displays some of the audio track's properties, like its file name and album art. As to album art, the image can be in any supported formats, like JPG and PNG. Songs can also be rated through this program. Additionally, users can launch iTunes while on the system tray. Alternatively, it can also close iTunes when the user exits the system tray. The program also allows playing songs automatically on iTunes the moment this program starts. It uses minimal to moderate resources on the computer.