iTunes (Freeware)

iTunesDSM or iTunes Duplicate Song Manager is a program created by iTunes to remove files that are duplicated. This is a free program that is easy to use and it is applicable to both Mac and Windows because of the form that it has been written.

This is a program that is written in Java and has the following functions:
• Filter function utilizing customized extensions
• Adds new tracks to iTunes without compromising safety and security in Windows systems only
• Cleans the iTunes library of orphaned tracks (tracks that are non-existent that iTunes is unaware of) for Windows only

One of the highlights of this program is the Folder Watching or background monitor feature, which monitors the music directory in Windows systems. This is useful in shared computers where members of the family contribute to the content of the iTunes library. iTunesDSM scans directories for song files which are still not in the library. It creates a playlist and places the song file in this playlist that ends up being incorporated in iTunes. The user can delete the playlist after it has completed its purpose. Before the musical files are removed from the Music Folder, iTunesDSM also creates backups of files.