iTunes (64-bit)

Apple Inc. (Freeware)

iTunes is a media player for Mac and PC. It can browse, edit, and play your entire digital collection of music and videos. It can be synced with iPhones, iPods, iPads, and even Apple TVs. With it, you can buy music, videos, and games via connecting to the iTunes store. You can also copy files and edit file information, encode music into various audio formats, organize music into playlists, and record or back up songs onto CDs or DVDs.

In this latest version, the preferences window is updated, synchronization is enhanced, VoiceOver accessibility is better, and updates to the store are improved. A new tool called “Genius” is integrated in this new version. It enables automatic creation of playlists by analyzing your libraries and related songs. Library sharing is also possible and can be done through local network sharing. When viewing the library, this version offers four different options: via albums list, songs list, using the Grid View, or the Cover Flow. Smart playlists are also added. It automatically filters the library in accordance to selection criteria.

iTunes 10 is a versatile tool for playing and organizing media files. It is free for download and with the help of iCloud, you can maximize its functionality to suit your needs.

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