Intuit, Inc. (Freeware)

ItsDeductible10 is an online program developed by Intuit, Inc. Its main task is to help users track down donations in preparation for tax filing purposes. The program comes up with accurate deductible reports that will save users from potential IRS problems. As a free program, users can sign up and start using the program right away.

The user interface organizes the donations accordingly, and lets users track and monitor donations regardless of type, which means that it also supports obtaining resale values for non-cash donations. Values are generated according to the donated items’ condition. Donations in form of clothing and household goods, money, mileage, and stocks are noted right on the dashboard. Users can list donations given all year round. Years are created when donations made are set in tabs. It allows users to check the donations easily and note these down for tax preparation.

Supported charities can also be listed on the application’s dashboard. Clicking the link found below the dashboard will show supported charities. Summaries of the donations and charities can be generated for complete and accurate documentation.

Donation reports made using ItsDeductible10 can be integrated easily with the TurboTax program, another application used for for tax preparation and filing, also developed by Intuit. Support for inquiries is available by logging on to the TurboTax community forum. Fast responses from experts will ensure users can prepare their tax forms easily and properly.