ItsDeductible Online

Intuit, Inc. (Proprietary)

ItsDeductible Online is a tax deduction tracking software developed by Intuit, Inc. The program enables users to track their tax liability, particularly computing the available tax deductions. It features support even for noncash donations to charity through other platforms including auction websites, thrift stores, and resale outlets. The program enables users to generate donation reports in four different types.

ItsDeductible Online is a useful tool for individuals and businesses that opt to prepare their own annual income tax return instead of hiring an accountant or an accounting firm to do it. The program features direct import to ItsDeductible, the tax preparation software. The program offers save support for images that are tax deduction related, including receipts and other documents.

ItsDeductible Online features an Internet Explorer Toolbar that enables users to access the program from the browser window. It also allows the user to set reminders to keep track of the tax filing schedules. Reminders can be set to recur at a definite interval, or for a one-time basis only. ItsDeductible Online features Live Community support. This tool enables users to connect and talk with other users for tips and suggestions regarding tax filing and preparation. Users can ask questions regarding the program and the ItsDeductible Online support staff, as well as other users can view the question and answer them.