ITN Converter 1.82

Benichou Software (Freeware)

ITN Converter is a mapping tool developed to enable users in creating and editing routes on a map. As a converter, it functions to transfer a route that has been created by a GPS or mapping application to another format. It has support for roadbook formats from Garmin, TomTom, MapSource, Navigon, and other applications, so downloaded routes made with these applications may be converted to a format that is supported by the user’s mapping device. The supported file types include Google Maps links (URL), TomTom Itinerary (ITN), Microsoft AutoRoute (EXE), and OziExplorer (RTE).

Aside from imported files, users may work with an unlabeled map and insert information themselves. The elevation, latitude and longitude, name, and comments may be added manually. Users can also edit the map and the route details. Waypoints may be added and routes adjusted. When done, users can export the finished map to file.

With this tool, users can plan and modify their travel routes easily. The traveling distance may be calculated automatically and users can set stopovers along the way, especially if they will be going on a long journey. Gas stations, motels, and diners may be set. The ITN Converter makes use of Google Maps, which means that the maps are always updated.