iTellVoip (Proprietary)

iTellVoip is a voice over IP application that lets users communicate with contact over Internet Protocol or IP networks. With this application, users can conduct multimedia sessions and voice calls over the Internet. Users can make use of a 3G or a broadband Internet connection, eliminating the need for an analog phone line. This application can also be integrated with social networking services such as Facebook and Google Chat, and is available for both Windows PC and mobile devices running on Android. It can be easily installed in desktops and laptops through a USB memory stick, providing convenience for users.

iTellVoip employs a high compression rate, enabling users to make and receive phone calls with superior audio quality even if they are using a dial-up Internet connection. This application can function even from behind voice over IP blockades and firewalls, so that users from blocked regions can still communicate with their contacts anywhere in the world without having to go around firewall restrictions.

This communications application requires users to create an account and buy credits for calling. There are different rates for different regions. The minimum credit is 7 Euro, and users can recharge their credit accounts online, through a recharge voucher, or via credit transfer from a certified reseller.