ITC IntelliCAD® 6 Beta

ITC (Proprietary)

ITC IntelliCAD® 6 Beta is an API and programming toolkit that offers a range of functions of computer-aided design, with similar functions and operational characteristics as AutoCAD. This program is developed by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium in order to provide users with a more stable and higher quality utility that also features DWG 2008 compatibility. This version provides users support for a wide range of functions including lightweight polyline, complex linetypes, raster image tools, and audit & recover, among others.

ITC IntelliCAD® 6 Beta is designed to write, read, and display DWG 2008 files. It is a tool that uses the most advanced ODA DWGdirect 2.3.1 libraries in order to assist users in handling heavy workloads. This application is intended for the use of ITC members and through them to the end users. It is sold only to Consortium members who pay a membership fee.

ITC IntelliCAD® 6 Beta is developed by the ITC or IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, which is an organization of developers, all of whom are dedicated to developing the CAD technology. There are about 50 members registered in this organization. ITC members are constantly involved in the customization, sales and marketing of the CAD platform and are imbued by the right to delivering the technology to their own clients.