Developerinabox (Open Source)

iSpy is a webcam surveillance and monitoring application providing alerting, surveillance, security, and monitoring services to users. It can be used for home security, office surveillance, baby monitoring, neighborhood watch, and other related purposes. The application utilizes webcams and microphones for detecting and recording movements and sounds on an area where the program is installed. All captured media files are compressed to a flash video format and are made available via a built-in server over the Internet.

iSpy can be connected to multiple microphones and cameras at once. It also allows importing and exporting of object lists, which can be shared with other people. Aside from this, the program can also be connected to several computers in a network allowing users to manage computers remotely via the Internet. The iSpy Server is also available, which can be used for publishing webcams over a network, or online.

The program also offers customization features allowing users to customize movement detection areas of the webcam. Its alerting service features allow users to be notified via email or SMS when sound or movement is detected on the area where the webcam/microphone is placed. Email alerts may also include frame grab images from the webcam. It can also be set to send images via email on a regular basis.