Isposure Application

Isposure (Freeware)

Isposure Application is a system utility developed by Isposure released on July 2009. The program enables users to check the different connection speeds of the computer. The program measures the speed of the Internet connection, as well as the speed by which web pages are loaded or files are downloaded. The program can also measure how fast the computer launches programs or games. It can also measure the processing speed when playing a game. The program also measures the speed of the computer when transferring files, playing music, playing videos, or doing memory-intensive tasks like rendering videos or editing images. The program displays the information using the native browser.

Isposure Application keeps the results of all speed tests performed. These results are recoverable using the History tab. Users may likewise access performance graphs involving Ping, DNS Performance, Line Speed and HTTP performance. The program also allows users to rate and compare ISP reliability, perceived speed, and customer service.

Isposure Application features a grey and green user interface. Initial launch requires the user to input some information including the Connection name, ISP name, ISP package, and contact information. The user may also set whether the connection is through mobile broadband or not. When launched, the program runs four tests automatically. These are the tests for line speed, gaming speed, address lookup, and browsing speed.