ISOMagic Module

Mythusoft (Proprietary)

ISOMagic is an image file tool developed by Mythusoft. The program features creating and editing capabilities from both ISO image files and CD or DVD image files. The program supports a variety of input formats including BIN, NRG, CIF, BWI, and IMG, for conversion to ISO image file format. ISOMagic   provides support for Joliet extension and ISO 9660 level extension.

ISOMagic enables users to create image files or ISO files from CD and DVDs, or from a hard disk drive file. It can also create CD or DVD image files from any CD or DVD disk. The program can make bootable disk files from CD or DVDs. The program also features image file editing capabilities. Users can add, delete, or rename the contents of the image file, be it ISO or CD/DVD. Users may extract the files contained in an ISO file. The program also allows users to extract and modify the boot image from a boot disk. It can likewise process the compact disc boot information.

ISOMagic’s user interface features a grey and blue theme. The window is divided into 2 main boxes, with 2 smaller boxes inside it. The Explorer view window features a tree view menu of the user’s folder tree. The contents of the selected folder are shown on the next window. The lower half is occupied by the ISOMagic View window. This window displays the contents of the ISO image file. The left box shows the tree view and the box on the right displays the contents.