Mythusoft ,Inc. (Shareware)

ISOMagic is a disc editor that allows users to extract, edit, and create ISO image files. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for both novice and advanced computer users. The main window is divided into two sections. The upper portion of the window shows the Explorer View, while the bottom part of the window displays the ISOMagic View.

The left side of the explorer view displays files and folders on the computer. When a folder is selected, all its contents are displays on the right part of the window. It includes other information, such as the name of the file, date when it was last modified, type of file, total size, and many others. The bottom part of the window is where users can create an ISO image file or edit and existing ISO image.

Here are the other key features of the program:

• Supports a wide variety of disc image file formats including BWI, CIF, IMG, BIN, and ISO
• Capable of automatically optimizing the ISO’s structure in order to save on disc space
• Capable of creating an ISO file straight from a document on the hard drive
• Support for setting the folder or file as hidden file