Island: The Lost Medallion

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Island: The Lost Medallion is a hidden object adventure game developed and published by Big Fish Games. The story centers on the exploits of a young female archeologist named Pam, who returns home from long expedition. In one of her exploration trips, she was able to uncover a mysterious medallion, the origins of which are unknown. She reunites with her boyfriend James but their time together is short-lived – Pam is abducted the following day, leaving James with the strange medallion. He is now left to search for Pam, find out the reason for her kidnapping, and the connection of the medallion to her disappearance.

The player assumes the role of James, who travels to a strange tropical island filled with run-down structures. Each of the ruins contains puzzles, which the player must solve in order to progress in the game. Hidden objects are scattered and strategically placed all over the detailed scenery, so the player must look carefully to find them. The games has two types of hidden object playing modes: one comes with lists of random items concealed around a cluttered locale, while the other features lists of items that will be used later on in the game to solve puzzles. Some items are broken into several fragments, which the player must find so that the pieces can be put together.