i@Sky Weather Information Centre


i@Sky Weather Information Centre is an application that provides users with the weather forecast using different Internet sources. Users can choose any location in the world and select the information they want to see. This application covers over one thousand cities around the world, including capital cities, in addition to ten thousand towns and cities in Europe.

Users can choose to view the forecast in a four-quadrant day view or in a four-day forecast view. In the four-quadrant day view, the forecast for the current day is displayed in time segments: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. In the four-day view, the forecasts for the current day and for the next three days are displayed. A toggle mode allows users to switch between the two viewing modes.

The information offered by i@Sky Weather Information Centre includes the humidity, current outside temperature, probability of rainfall, wind velocity, and the minimum, maximum, and average temperature values. This application has an icon that sits on the system tray. Users can double click the icon to launch the application in their default browser. Once opened and configured, the application prompts the user to select or search for a location. Users may also use the advanced search option to filter locations until the exact location is found. Users can select different weather data combinations to display.