iSiloX 6.10

DC & Co. (Freeware)

iSiloX is a desktop software program that lets users convert file and web contents to iSilo document format and transfer these to handheld devices. This allows users to carry Isilo content on Pocket PC PDA, Palm OS PDA, or Windows CE Handheld PCs. Developed by DC & Co., the application supports a number of file formats including CSS, HTML, and Palm Doc. According to the developer, the X in the software name ‘iSiloX’ describes the transformation of the program functionality. This is in contrast to the iSiloXC, where the ‘C’ represents the command line form of iSiloX. The ‘C’ denotes the command-line capability.

ISiloX can convert a number of source file formats, both text file formats and image formats. It also has several conversion options. One of these is  the HotSync/ActiveSync option. Selecting this automatically converts documents that are queued for HotSync or ActiveSync. Users have three syncing options when using this feature. It can be single user destination, multiple user destinations, or external media. The output document can be installed to the external device through VFS-accessible memory expansion cards. Another feature of the program is its ability to convert source content, such as a webpage. This would let users browse the content offline on the computer or on any device.