iSedora Media Server 1.6.9 (Shareware)

iSedora Media Server is a transcoding tool that is compatible with a wide array of devices. This is an application that can be used for streaming music, video and photos on multiple devices. Supported devices include game consoles, Blu-ray multimedia players and TVs which are DLNA/UPnP compatible. This program is also best suited for Sony models such as the Bravia, as well other intelligent devices such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Highlights of the latest version of the iSedora Media Server include the option to present the Dock icon (for Mac OS devices). This application also has a revamped UPnP network stack that facilitates better communication and device discovery. It is also capable of improved support for multiple network cards. iSedora Media Server also supports subtitles and it is capable of monitoring address and interface changes. iSedora Media Server has an optional video transcoding engine and adjustable video bitrate.  

This utility runs on both Windows and Mac devices with the recent version featuring a few updates on both fronts. The Windows version has updated install and uninstall scripts and bundles JRE. Meanwhile, the Mac version now has an optimized archive size that may be downloaded by the user.