Irssi Console IRC Client

Irssi Team (Freeware)

Irssi Console IRC Client, developed for computers running on UNIX, is a terminal-based Internet relay chat client. It also supports Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) and ICB (Internet Citizen’s Band) protocols through the utilization of plugins. Its main features include the compilation of formats and themes, autologging, paste detection, configurable keybindings, Irssi-proxy, Perl scripting, and upgrades.

Irssi Console IRC Client automatically logs any channels, queries, or special windows that users want. Logfiles will be separated per network. The log settings can easily configure log file formats, themes, and destination directories. There is a dedicated email line and subsection in the main website so users can select which theme they like.

Irssi Console IRC Client also allows the modification of default keybindings and the creation of a new one. Paste detection is an automatic feature that tracks down every single pasted amount of text, even large ones, so wrong paste consequences can be avoided. This console client also supports the Perl language so it can be used in tandem with different applications. Users can use Perl scripts and an internal script archive for easier use. The proxy acts not only as a bouncer but also as a plugin, which allows users to bind a port to each IRC server connection. The proxy capability can even be used without the IRC client. Upgrading Irssi can also be done without restarting connections.