Iron Man Flight Test (Freeware)

Iron Man Flight Test is a free-to-play online game that gets the player inside Tony Stark’s invincible Iron Man suit to take it on a test flight. This Flash-based arcade game produced by Disney and developed by Marvel Studios has gameplay that goes beyond the virtual experience of flying around in the Iron Man suit. It is an evasion-based shooting game where the player controls Iron Man as he avoids decoy enemies and shoots at these objects during a test flight.
The game is about Tony Stark’s latest armor suit as it is put through a grueling test flight. The game has 10 levels wherein Iron Man needs to fight off and destroy flying air drones, as well as take down Gigantimo. Here are some of the gameplay instructions for this casual game.
• The ARROW or WASD keys control Iron Man’s flight direction.
• The SPACEBAR, CONTROL KEY, or NUMPAD 0 fires the uni-beam from the suit’s chest.
• The LEFT MOUSE BUTTON unleashes his repulsor beam. The same button can be held down for more firepower.

The shooter will see the player shooting down enemies while evading enemy fire. Additional interest is provided by the chance to collect various power-ups such as armor upgrades and those that repair said armor. The object here is not just to shoot enemies from the sky but to be able to collect as many power-ups as possible. The upgrade dynamic to Iron Man’s weaponry and armor helps ensure level and game completion.