Iron Aces - Heroes of WWII

Evolved Games (Shareware)

Iron Aces - Heroes of WWII is a computer game set in the Eastern Front of World War II. This action-packed video game offers virtual flyers numerous chances to go on missions and engage the enemy in dogfights. Iron Aces is one game that is sure to provide the rush that adrenaline junkies are always looking for. There is a huge variety of battles to fight, including shootouts with other airplanes in the air, tension-filled escort missions, and bombing runs on enemy targets in the ground.

The featured missions are based in historical occurrences and players can look forward to the challenges of a total of 40 missions. The game also features accurate weather simulations offering virtual pilots a more realistic experience up in the air. The landscapes that they fly over and into are also rendered realistically. Multiple camera angles are incorporated into the game for a more compelling audio-visual experience. Iron Aces is a game meant for the enjoyment of those who prefer to engage in forms of entertainment that are full of excitement.

Players of Iron Aces: Heroes of WWII can soar through the war-torn skies of Berlin and Stalingrad and feel the realistic atmosphere of the last war that tore the world asunder. Players are given the chance to pilot some of the most powerful planes from that era.