iRobot Create Simulator 1.4

Cameron Salzberger, K-Y Daisy Fan and Hadas Kress-Gazit (Open Source)

The iRobot Create Simulator is a set of tools that is developed to simulate the movement of the iRobot Create robot. It is able to visualize movement of the robot in different environments. It makes use of MATLAB, a computing language used in developing algorithms and in visualizing and analyzing data. As a MATLAB toolbox, it consists of four graphical user interfaces that enable users to create maps, replay a saved session, key in other input, and show the Create robot’s movement. These four interfaces are the Simulator, MapMaker, ConfigMaker, and Replay.

This program provides users with different tools to assist them in writing a program code that will dictate autonomous behavior. Users may also control the Create robot manually if preferred. Using this application, developers and engineers will be able to test codes without having to run these through the real Create robot.

Users can write the MATLAB function which will be run using the application. The iRobot Create Simulator will then display a graphic representation of how the robot will behave according to the given function. This allows users to test codes and learn about Create robot movements, behavior, and functions without requiring the physical presence of real Create robots. Among the functions that can be tested are obstacle detection, obstacle avoidance, item search, and navigation.