IRIS Software Limited (Shareware)

IRIS PAYE-Master is a suite of programs that eliminates the need for separate applications for managing employee payrolls. Also known as Freeway, this software package permits novice users and professionals alike to create employee accounts, run reports, and generate payslips efficiently. The interface is clean and intuitive, with menu tabs logically arranged to help guide the user through the process.

With IRIS PAYE-Master, documentation of the payroll process – including the generation of reports – is straightforward. The suite’s Report Robot enables the user to batch-print a number of reports, such as those required monthly or weekly. One of the specific reports it prints shows the business’ “Cost of Payroll,” which is the business’ gross pay sum and pension contributions, aside from the basic weekly, twice-weekly, and monthly payroll reports. These, and other payroll-related reports may come in either text output format or CSV.

The program package is easy to use, especially for those who have encountered software developed for payroll purposes before. There are a number of navigation systems available for the user. These include a toolbar or the usual Windows drop-downs. IRIS PAYE-Master also uses minimal system resources, and does not require a powerful, high-end computer to run at its optimum.