OLAN AT&S Ltd. (Proprietary)

IRIS is a dictionary application capable of translating Russian words into Hebrew and vice versa. The dictionary is the mobile version of the famous dictionary made by Dr. Baruch Podolsky. The application has more than sixty thousand words that can be translated, and is a comprehensive Hebrew dictionary for those who speak Russian as their native language.

To use IRIS, the user simply needs to type a Russian or Hebrew word in the search bar. The user can also copy a word to be pasted onto the search bar. The software will then list down the words and other words associated with it. The list can be narrowed down until the user arrives on the word he wants to define. After the word is selected, the application lists the word along with its meaning. It also provides the translation of that word into another language.

The user can also browse words listed on the main interface of the application. In some cases, there are no direct translations for the word the user wants to find a translation of. In these situations, the dictionary software only lists down the word and the meaning in the same language. Any text found on the software can be copied and pasted to other applications.