IREM Arcade Hits

DotEmu (Proprietary)

IREM Arcade Hits is a collection of arcade games from the Eighties up to the early Nineties. The games cover different gaming genres, such as shoot-em-up, fighting, and platformer or run-and-gun games. There are 18 games in the collection: Legend of Hero Tonma, Ninja Spirit, Dragon Breed, Blade Master, In the Hunt, Kung-Fu Master, Hammerin’ Harry, Superior Soldiers, Battle Chopper, Vigilante, Air Duel, Mystic Riders, R-Type Leo, Undercover Cops, Image Fight, Cosmic Cop, and Gunforce 1 and 2.

One of the shoot-em-up games is Dragon Breath. In this game, players make use of the body of a dragon to deflect bullets, but the special weapon is the dragon’s breath that is used to burn enemies to a pile of ash. Another game in this genre is Cosmic Cop in which players can speed up the in-game action so they can catch the criminal within a short span of time.

One of the popular platform games included is Ninja Spirit. In this game, players fight off enemies using ninja moves. There is a power-up that allows the ninja’s shadow to beat enemies as well. Vigilante, the sequel to Kung Fu Master, is another martial arts-themed game, this time from the genre of fighting or brawler games. In this game, players het to use nunchuks as weapons.