iRecover 6.1

DIY DataRecovery (Shareware)

IRecover is a data recovery program that retrieves and recovers accidentally deleted files and documents, as well as ones that are deleted due to viruses or malware attacks. It is an efficient recovery tool for hard disks, RAID arrays, Network Attached Storage devices, memory cards, and other types of storage devices. iRecover automatically runs as a background application that scans and monitors critical disk memory parameters so that recovery may be realized soon after a file or a document has been corrupted.

The recovery program is powered by two-pass disk cloning procedure that also allows the reverse cloning of disk memory. This technology makes it possible for files to be easily retrieved since the program can simultaneously run two separate recovery operations in search for any size file. This technology is then accompanied by a disk viewer which displays technical interpretation of the critical disk. In addition, its RAID 0 and RAID 5 parameter detector automatically performs a data check to all storage devices connected to the computer. Finally, iRecover has access to S.M.A.R.T data. Thus, it can recover damaged files from drive partitions, boot record, root directories, and PAT/MFT even if these have been formatted previously and may be inaccessible to other recovery utilities.