iQ-Notes 6.00

Robert Paresi (Freeware)

iQ-Notes is a desktop application that enables users to write notes on sticky notes. With this program, users can track notes on their computer easily. They can write and save important notes all in one place. The program appears as an icon on the task tray. To write a note or check the other notes that they have, users will only need to double-click on the program icon. There is no limit to the number of notes that users want to create.

This application can quickly and easily synchronize with an FTP server so that users can have this program installed on their other computers. This means that the notes on the home computer will then be the same as those on the user’s work computer. Users can create up to 12 different tabs on each note. The reminders in iQ-Notes can be printed, sorted, encrypted, and archived. Encryption ensures that important notes cannot be hacked. Users can also protect their confidential noted with a password. Another feature provided by this program is the Expense and Time Tracking functionality. Each note comes with its own Star/Stop Timer, which enables users to do time-sheet tracking. Users can also set an alarm for a note so that it pops up at the specified date and time.

This application has reached its end-of-life and no longer receives support from its developer, but may still be downloaded and used.