IpSharkk 3.0 (Shareware)

IP Sharkk is program that masks the user’s IP address. This makes it safe for users to do activities online without exposing their real IP address. The application was designed with beginners in mind. This makes the program easy to use for those who are not computer savvy. The application’s main window is divided into two tabs – IpSharkk and Settings.

Under the IpSharkk tab, users can see a list of all the available IP addresses that the computer can connect to. The upper portion of the window also displays the computer’s real IP address and the fake IP address. On the list, users can see a flag for the country, the name of the country, city, speed, and availability. Users just have to click on the Connect button beside the country to mask the real IP address. Under the Settings tab, users can choose to change the IP address every set number of minutes and to a specific or random location.

Here are the other features of the IP Shark program:

• Can be set to launch as soon as the computer boots up
• Does not clog up system resources
• Can be accessed from the Windows system tray
• Has user-friendly interface