Cucusoft, Inc. (Shareware)

iPodtoComputer is an application used to backup files from one’s iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod. Missing or lost music and content may be restored from aforementioned devices. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod content include podcasts, playlists, photos, songs, and videos. All iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod models may be used with the application. Management of iPod devices using any computer can be done using the program.

An online program tutorial is provided for users through the program website. Scanning of devices and searching of genre, album, artist, and type are automatically done by the program. Any device content may be transferred into any user designated computer file or folder. File import and export between computers and iPad, iPhone, iPod devices are made possible. iPod Nano and Shuffle are also supported. A backup folder rule is supported by advanced settings. Indexing can be done either by album, type, artist, and genre. Track names are also displayed on the user interface along with each track’s duration. Media files may be directly played or viewed using the application without the need for third party media players. Image and photo transfers from iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod to computers can be done. The program can avoid re-conversion and repurchasing of video and music collections.