iPodRobot iPod Video Converter 5.0 @ VOW Software Co, Ltd. (Shareware)

iPodRobot iPod Video Converter is a program that allows for conversion of files which can be played using an iPhone or iPod. After the conversion process, video files that are otherwise incompatible with these Apple devices can be imported into iTunes. From there, any user can upload it to their Apple device of choice. This program supports different formats, such as RMVB, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, and AVI.

iPodRobot iPod Video Converter is easy to use. The tool supports drag and drop function so that the user only has to drag one or more files to be converted into the left-hand window. At the right-hand Output pane, video parameters can be used, including audio settings, video quality, and output format among others. Users can also opt to let the program optimize the settings specific to what works best with a particular Apple device. Users can choose from among seven skin options that fits their computer desktop.

iPodRobot iPod Video Converter by @ VOW Software Co, Ltd. has no functional limitations, which make it a more preferable choice, compared to similar programs. One of the best features of this program is the “merge” function, which is enabled to stick together as many video files as the user wants, no matter what format or video file type, so that it become one long video file.