OPEN-CLONER Inc. (Proprietary)

The iPod-Cloner program is a basic converter that allows users to convert DVD data into MP4, which is a format compatible with portable video players like the iPhone and iPod Touch. The simple interface permits users with virtually any level of computer expertise to efficiently convert said data for easier transfer, storage, and access.

The graphical user interface of the iPod-Cloner is easy to use. The user can import DVD data by first selecting the source via the program’s drop-down list. The next step is specifying the file’s destination and inputting the desired file name prior to the conversion process. More experienced users can also customize the output or different aspects of the video and audio. For example, a user can change and tweak the channel mode, codec, FPS or frames per second, frequency rate, and bit rate. The customization of the output’s aspect ratio allows optimal playback on different monitors and screen sizes. The media player included in the program permits file preview, the addition of chapters to the output, and the selection of interface language. Default settings may be restored at any point. iPod-Cloner also has a built-in virtual guide and hosts a basic FAQ on the Internet for novice users.