iPod Access for Windows 4.4.1

Findley Designs (Shareware)

iPod Access for Windows is an audio application that allows transferring of music files from the iPod to the Windows computer. The program allows access of songs from the iPod straight to the Windows computer. The songs can be displayed and organized in different formats, such as by artist or by album. Through the program, the songs on the iPod can be backed up on the computer. Songs are backed up with the song information intact. Song information includes the song's title, the artist, and the track duration. Song information can also be renamed. The renamed information will reflect on the iPod and iTunes when the song is played there. It is also possible to create playlists. Created playlists are also reflected in iTunes.

iPod Access for Windows has a new search feature that lets users look for songs efficiently. There is an option to look through the song list by name, by album, or by composer. The program can attempt to recover data on iPod devices with corrupted databases. It attempts to recreate files so that it can be played within the program and within iTunes and the iPod itself.

iPod Access for Windows can support multiple iPods. It can also correctly read song information which are not in English.