iPhone Explorer

Macroplant (Shareware)

Macroplant iExplorer (formerly known as iPhone Explorer) is an application that enables users to manage various data in their Apple handheld devices. This application is capable of accessing files in Apple’s iPhone, iPodTouch, or iPad. iExplorer provides users with read and write data access to different files such as documents, music, photos, and video files saved in their Apple handheld device. Users can manage their files by copy and transfer actions with a drag-and-drop user interface, edit the contents of document files, rename files, and delete files. In addition to multimedia and document files, iExplorer can also be used to manage data such as downloaded and installed applications, bookmarks, text messages, address book, contacts, backups, notes, calendar notes, call history, and voicemails. iExplorer provides a means of organizing all these file types into folders, to and from the user’s computer and handheld device. This application also provides disk-mounting features as an alternative to manipulating data and files that directly use the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad’s internal memory.

iExplorer features a stylized user interface that has two main parts. The first part is the file browser displayed as a directory tree. This section allows users to easily access the contents of their Apple handheld device such as media, apps, backups, multimedia library, photos, and bookmarks. The next part is the main display section where users can view the contents of each folder or data library. This section also displays the device model, total memory capacity, firmware version, serial number, and the user’s phone number.