iPhone Backup Extractor

Reincubate Ltd (Shareware)

iPhone Backup Extractor is a file management program developed by Reincubate Ltd. The program is available in three editions – Free, Home and Pro. iPhone backups are created using iTunes. These backups are necessary when performing an update or when saving the contents of an iPhone for safekeeping. iTunes backup can store purchased TV shows, music and apps. It also stores photos/videos stored in the Camera Roll, device settings, app data, home screen and app organization, messages, contacts and more. The iPhone Backup Extractor is used to extract the backup file created using iTunes. It also supports iPod Touch and iPad data.

The program features a user-friendly interface with only one window to do all the available tasks. After opening the program, it detects iPhone backups saved in the computer automatically. It will show all the backup files stored in the computer. By default, the program checks iTunes default location for saving the backups. However, users may also select a backup file stored on a different location. After selecting the backup file, the program displays the backup details as well as the available data on that backup file. Available backup details include device, serial, firmware, folder location, status and others. The available data section shows what type of data is included in the backup file. After which, users can now perform the extraction process.