ITRONICS Co., Ltd. (Proprietary)

IPASS BLACK is a multimedia application developed by ITRONICS Co., Ltd. This application is designed to work with the ITRONICS camera, a device that can be attached to a vehicle’s dashboard or rear view mirror and turned on and off as needed. This application ensures that the automotive device does its function of recording video.

The camera provides its user with a full view of the dashboard, thanks to the specialized lenses that are built into the camera. The camera’s optics can capturie everything on the road from end to end. Apart from the full window capturing element, the internal software of the camera is also able to keep accurate time and date stamps. What is special about this particular automotive camera is that it also keeps an accurate record of the speed traveled by the driver during the recording process. It records in real time and the videos can be saved on the device itself or in an external device connected to the camera.

When it comes to this particular camera, the images that are recorded come in high definition and because of the high video quality, everything is clear and detailed, even during playback on large viewing screens.