IP Net Checker

Veronisoft (Shareware)

IP Net Checker is a tool used in network monitoring. It provides users with the ability to verify the TCP/IP host network connectivity on the local area network (LAN) or the Internet. The application checks the TCP ports or HTTP on the specified network devices (routers) or computers (servers and workstations) on a periodic basis. By doing so, it is able to check the IP and provide users with notifications when the status of the computers and devices change.

This application also enables users to access the contents of shared folders within a network. This tool can generate status log files and answer traceroute queries. These features allow users to monitor their networks using a central computer and check the connectivity of TCP/IP hosts without having to install a separate program.

IP Net Checker has a small and simple interface that shows users about the status of their network. Users can customize the layout of the interface by choosing from different skins, assigning new icons by uploading ICO files, and changing the background color of the display pane. Users can also perform automatic checks by setting a specified time and the frequency of checking. The program can be set to alert the user when it detects errors by displaying user-defined messages or by playing sound notifications.

This program has been discontinued and is no longer supported by the developer.