iolo System Mechanic 16.0.0

iolo technologies, LLC (Proprietary)

iolo System Mechanic is a patented performance technology aimed at automatically fixing and speeding up the computer.  Users who experience crashes, errors and freezes, and lose valuable time in the process will benefit from this program as it restores a computers’ maximum speed, power, and stability.

As the name implies, iolo System Mechanic is like a personal mechanic which will diagnose and fix different PC problems using solutions from Iolo Labs. It works to protect a user’s privacy by removing important and confidential internet and chat history and deleting junk files.  It also prevents unauthorized access caused by loopholes on the settings and other dangerous programs. All these will clear up space on the PC, leading to more robust performance like accelerated startup, Internet speed, program operation, and gaming performance.

The key features of this program include:

• Guided recommendations – given by a community of experts  on the area of computer speed
• ActiveCare- requires users to set-up the program once and it will run automatically
• AcceleWrite – this optimizes file writing speeds
• Startup Optimizer – offers 22 ways to increase startup speed
• NetBooster – increases  Internet, video, download, and gaming speed
• CRUDD Remover – helps users to track and remove unnecessary programs

Other features include the program accelerator, memory mechanic, energy booster, privacy cleaner, PC cleanup and the total registry revitalizer.