iolo Search and Recover

iolo technologies, LLC (Shareware)

Iolo Search and Recover is an application that allows users to retrieve deleted files from the computer. It is capable of recovering photos, documents, audio files, emails, and videos. The program is capable of recovering files from different drives and devices, such as cameras, memory cards, drives (IDE, USB, Firewire, SCSI, etc.), Outlook, and Thunderbird. It is also capable of recovering data from damaged and formatted drives.

The program provides step-by-step instructions that are useful for beginners. Most of the tasks can also be done in just one click with the TotalRecovery feature. Users just need to point to a specific file or folder for the files to be recovered. Iolo Search and Recover also features the StrongScan technology that is able to recover files even if they were wiped from the computer in years.

Other tasks that can be done with the application are the following:
• Secure deletion of files – The application is able to erase sensitive information from the computer. It ensures that other recovery programs will not be able to retrieve deleted files.
• Recover data from discs – This feature allows users to recover data from backup discs.
• Gain computer speed – It allows users to create virtual drives for quicker launching of programs.