iolo Memory Mechanic

iolo Technologies, LLC (Freeware)

iolo Memory Mechanic is a system utility that is used for optimizing the computer’s memory in order to improve its overall performance. The application defragments the fragmented components to allow programs to have a faster loading time on the computer. The application has a simple interface that consists of only one button. To start optimizing the system, users just need to click on the “Optimize” button.

The main window is further divided into three tabs – Current Memory Levels, Defragment Memory, and Summary. Under the Current Memory Levels window, a pie chart of the system memory is displayed. It is divided into two parts – used memory and available memory. When the defragmentation process starts, a progress bar appears at the top portion of the window. There are also squares that represent the fragmented and defragmented parts of the system.  After the process, a summary of the system’s state will be displayed on the main window. The summary shows the defragmentation results. The pie chart has three portions – recovered, originally available, and in use.

Other features of the iolo Memory Mechanic program are the following:

• simple and easy-to-use interface
• does not take up a lot of resources
• improves overall system performance