InvoMax Shop Management

Hunnicutt Software Inc. (Shareware)

InvoMax Shop Management is a unique shop management program that is designed to effectively manage a retail shop. This is done by automating administrative and managerial procedures so that tasks are conducted efficiently and completed in no time at all. This application is a versatile utility that is programmed to conduct a number of different functions, all of which are intended to assist in administering products, suppliers, sales, orders, and customers.

This program can be a handy tool for small to medium-sized businesses since there are already a number of available templates ready for use. It has many functions that users can take advantage of, including completing tax and sales reports, special state disposal reports, and warranty tracking. This utility is also capable of printing windshield stickers, issuing cellphone and e-mail reminders, and providing instant service reminders and histories as well. InvoMax Shop Management is also designed to perform extraneous tasks such as adding the shop’s logo to the invoice form and spell checking.

This business application offers job kits that are ready to use. InvoMax Shop Management which is developed by Hunnicutt Software Inc. requires a viable Internet connection. This program runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.