Invisible Secrets

Neobyte Solutions (Proprietary)

Invisible Secrets is a file security tool that enables users to protect their data and files unwanted access. Developed by East-Tec, this program provides encryption and decryption of files as well as their safe transfer across various Internet locations. Another unique feature of this application is its ability to conceal data using other inconspicuous files such as images, audio files, and web pages. Through this program, users can hide their files directly from the browser and have them sent automatically via email or other Internet storage devices.

The graphical interface of Invisible Secrets is simple and easy to navigate by both novice and experienced users. It comes with a tutorial wizard that guides users into the basic features and mechanics of the program. The steganographer tool gives users the option to fabricate randomly generated files that are useful in diverting the attention of potential message interceptors. Carrier files can come in a variety of image formats including BMP, JPEG, and PNG, as well as WAV audio files and HTML page. The next step is picking out an encryption method among eight options: Blowfish, AES-Rijndael, Cast128, Diamond 2, GOST, RC4, Sapphire II, and Twofish. Once the files are successfully hidden, the user must decide whether to send it via email or FTP. The user’s password is then transmitted through the program’s secure IP-to-IP tool.